Gender-Based Ministry



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During the preteen years, kids become self-conscious about their
changing bodies, and social situations can be uncomfortable as
interest in the opposite sex changes. This is a great time to add
these gender-based options to your ministry.

  • Small Groups–Form small groups specifically
    for boys or girls, with leaders of the same gender. Preteens will
    discuss more and ask more questions in an environment that’s geared
    for their gender.
  • Retreats--Plan weekend getaways for preteen
    boys and girls where each group learns about how God uniquely
    created them male and female. This is a great time to start talking
    to preteens about purity and God’s plan for sex.
  • Events–Host events that are geared
    specifically for the interests of preteen boys and girls. A girls’
    spa day or a boys’ paintball extravaganza are great ways for each
    gender group to bond and have fun without the social pressures of
    sharing events with the opposite sex.

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