Bible Game: Wise and Foolish Maidens

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Use this Bible game for kids to help them learn to be ready for Jesus’ return.

Choose five “wise maidens” and a “bridegroom.” Have the bridegroom crouch on the floor with his or her eyes closed. The wise maidens form the wedding circle around the bridegroom, hold hands and raise their arms.

The rest of the children are foolish maidens, traveling outside the circle and looking for oil. While the arms of the wise maidens are raised, the foolish maidens may search inside the wedding circle for their oil. But they must keep moving in and out of the circle.

When the bridegroom stands, the wise maidens’ arms fall and trap some lucky foolish maidens inside the circle. The rest are left out. Those trapped inside become part of the wedding circle for the next round. Continue play until there are 10 maidens in the wedding circle.

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Afterward, read aloud and discuss Matthew 25:1-13.

Lori Haynes Niles
Sacramento, California

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