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Game: Water, Water, Baby


Here's a great game for a hot day. It'll cool off your kids and get a lot of laughs.

You'll need a radio, a large container of water, a plastic cup, and a change of clothes for each child.

Have all the children sit outside in a circle. Choose one child to be "It." Let It put as much water as he or she wants in the cup. Have all the children in the circle close their eyes.

Turn on the radio to a music station and have It walk quietly around the outside of the circle. When you stop the music, have It dump the water on the child closest to him or her. The drenched child becomes It for the next turn.

As the group leader, you can control the length of the game and make sure everyone is involved by turning the music off in time for each child to be drenched.

The children love to get wet, and it's refreshing for them if they've been outside for a long time. They also love the suspense of waiting to open their eyes to see who just got soaked!

Riley Brown
Clinton, Mississippi

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