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These children’s ministers had great aspirations, but no
funds to back them up. So our Tech Guru guides them to some of the
best, cheap tech tools available to boost their ministry

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Dear Tech Guru,
I’d love to get several affordable game systems and televisions
for kids to have a hang-out place for Wednesday nights and our
transition times on Sunday.

Josh Fredlund
Topeka, Kansas

Dear Josh,
If you’re short on cash, then you probably don’t want to spend the
big bucks to get you started on a gaming room. Even if you could
get a gaming console donated, games today can range from $40 to
$60-not to mention controllers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t
have a cool place for kids to hang out. Hang some Christmas lights,
get a few bean bags, and spend part of your entertainment budget
investing in a karaoke station. You can even find free
karaoke-style songs on websites like YouTube.

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If you’re willing to pay the money, a new console will get kids’
attention. The brand new Wii U from Nintendo is now available,
causing the older Nintendo Wii to drop in price at some stores. You
can check out websites like to find some good deals.
Just watch for the Entertainment Software Ratings Board evaluation
on the back of the games. Like a movie rating, it’ll give you a
heads up on any questionable content.

If you want gaming systems but are on a really tight budget,
there’s a solution. Have a little retro fun. Go to a used video
game store or visit eBay to get an old-school system like the Sega
Genesis, Super Nintendo, or even better, the classic Nintendo 64.
You can get these systems-controllers, games, and all-for a quarter
of the price of today’s consoles. Feeling more adventurous? Search
online for instructions to on how to build your own homemade arcade
cabinet using your old computer.

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Get Your Game On,
Tech Guru

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