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Game: Rise And Shine

Children's Ministry Magazine

It's sometimes difficult to tell when the service will end and when parents will pick up their children, so we play a game at the end of each class that the kids know and love.

After all the toys are put away, we have kids lie on the floor and pretend to sleep. An adult says in a loud voice, "Good night!" and turns off the lights. The kids snore. After a few moments, the adult says, "Good morning!" and turns on the lights. At this cue, all the kids stand up and sing, "Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!" until the adult says, "Good night" again. Then the kids yawn, lie down, and go back to "sleep." We keep playing until the last child is picked up by his or her parents.

Susanne Kurtz
Rochester, New York

Excerpted from Children's Ministry Magazine.


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