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Game: Non-Musical Chairs


This game is designed to encourage kids to put others ahead of themselves.

You'll need one die per six children and one chair for each child. Place six chairs in a straight line facing the same direction. If you have over six children, make several lines of six chairs facing the same direction.

Have children each sit in a chair. Then have them number the chairs from 1 to 6.

Roll the die, and call out the number rolled. If you roll a 6, roll again. The child who's sitting in that numbered seat must ask the person in the next higher numbered seat to exchange seats. The person in the higher numbered seat doesn't have to exchange, but the goal of the game is to be sitting in the lowest numbered seat at the conclusion of the game. (Hint: The faster you roll the die, the faster the action will be as kids scramble to get the lowest seat.)

Allow three minutes of die-rolling for each round. At the end of each round, stop and recognize the child occupying the lowest numbered seat in each group.

After the game, read aloud Philippians 2:3-5, and discuss how it felt for kids to put others before themselves. Discuss real-life situations where they're required to put others before themselves.

Jeff Moody
Keokuk, Iowa

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