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Game: Monstro Bubble

Here's a fun kid's ministry game you can use any time, but it's perfect for Group's Slime Time Halloween alternative (since it came from there!). Get ready to enclose kids in a human-size bubble!

Get Ready:
You'll need a child-size wading pool, a tarp, a hula hoop, and a cinder block. You'll also need pre-made bubble solution consisting of 2 gallons distilled water, 6 cups Dawn dish soap, and 4 cups corn syrup.

Place the tarp on the ground, and set the wading pool in the center of it. Pour the pre-made bubble solution into the pool. (It really is important to make the bubble solution the night before.) Set the cinder block in the center of the pool, and set the hula hoop in the pool.

Get Set:
Check with parents to see if kids can keep their shoes on. (Shoes with non-slip soles can help kids stay steady if the cement block gets slippery). As a child stands on the cinder block, two people will lift the hula hoop up, forming a bubble around the child!
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