Game: Making Stew

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Have children form a circle. Sing one verse of “The Farmer
in the Dell
.” Then tell kids they’re going to sing a song
using that tune.

Have children skip in a circle and sing: “We are making stew. We
are making stew. Hi ho the derry oh. We are making stew.”

Add vegetables to the stew and each time make a vegetable “sign”
as kids march around the circle and sing. Add the first vegetable
and have kids make a circle in front of their body with their arms,
march and sing: “Cabbage in the stew. Cabbage in the stew. Hi ho
the derry oh. We are making stew.”

Add the following vegetables and signs:
Potatoes: Clasp hands in back of body, bend back
and shuffle feet.

Carrots: Keep arms straight by sides and walk

Celery: Raise arms high in the air, keep hands
together, wiggle fingers and tiptoe.

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Onions: Rub eyes and gallop.

Tomatoes: Gently pinch cheeks and slide

Chicken: Place fingers under armpits, flap elbow
“wings” and jump.

After all the “ingredients” are in the stew, have kids hold hands
while dancing around the circle and sing: “And now our stew is
done. And now our stew is done. Hi ho the derry oh. (Stop) GULP!
GULP! (Shout the last line.) And now the stew is gone!”

Marjorie Stith
Manhattan, Kansas

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