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You'll need a large gymnasium or outdoor area for this game. Form teams of no more than eight. For each team, place a masking-tape line the length of your area parallel to each other and about 10 feet apart. Have teams each line up on a masking-tape line at one end of the area, single file and facing the same direction. Have team members link arms.

*Say: This race is called Line Swing. The goal is to be the first team to race down to the end of the line and back. But here's the catch: The front person on your team will stand still on the tape. But the rest of the line will swing either to the left or the right until the back person becomes the first person in your line and is standing on the masking tape again. Your team will look like a gate swinging forward. Now the new front person must stay in place while the line swings forward again. Keep swinging your line forward until you get to the end of the line. Then do the same thing coming back.

Declare a winning team. Then play again. But time the teams this time. Challenge your kids to beat the best time during each new round.

Rick Lawrence
Loveland, Colorado

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