Game: Jacob’s Ladder


This Bible game is best played outside, but it can
be done inside against a wall…

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To play this Bible class game you’ll need a large tree and some
colored chalk. Play in teams or as an entire group. Have children
work together to form a human ladder using their bodies. The goal
is to see how high their human ladder can reach. Once they’ve
reached as high as they possibly can, have the top child make a
chalk mark on the tree.

After children make their first mark, have them sit down and
plan together before their second try. Give them several chances to
keep going higher. (Provide adult volunteers as spotters for the

Afterward, read aloud Genesis 11:1-9. Ask children: How did you
feel as you built your ladder? How do you think the people of Babel
felt as they built their ladder? What are the similarities between
our ladder and the Tower of Babel? the differences? Why was God so
displeased about the Tower of Babel? Do you think God was pleased
or displeased with our ladder? Explain. Why does God care about the
reasons behind what we do?

Ellen Javernick
Loveland, Colorado

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