Getting to Know You Game

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This Getting to Know You game is a fun crowdbreaker to help children get to know each other in your Sunday school class.

Before class, fill one box with enough candy treats for each child. Then wrap the box like a present. Have children stand in a line. Give the first child in line the package and tell children you’re going to ask the child with the package a question. As long as he can truthfully answer “yes” to the question, he can keep the package. As soon as he answers “no,” he must pass the package to the next child in line. The last child with the package before you run out of questions gets the prize.

You’ll need about three questions per child. Ask questions such as these: Do you have brown eyes? Do you wear nail polish? Have you met someone famous? Can you wiggle your ears? Do you read the Bible everyday? Is today Easter Sunday? Are you wearing a hair clip? Do you play baseball?

After a child answers one or two “yes” questions, throw in a definite “no” question so the package can continue down the line before you run out of questions. The last child holding the package gets to open it and share the treats with the class.

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Lynn and John Pellerin
Scott, Louisiana


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