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Game: Blanket Volleyball

Children's Ministry Magazine

Kids will have a ball playing this fun game that demonstrates how important it is to help our friends.

Tie a rope to two chairs and stretch it across your room. Form two teams and have teams stand on opposite sides of the rope. Give each team a small blanket or twin sheet. Have team members hold the edges of their team's blanket.

Throw several small, foam rubber balls on one team's blanket. Have those team members work together to toss the balls from their blanket over the rope to the other blanket. Encourage kids on the receiving side to try to catch all the balls. Then have them toss the balls back to the other side.

Continue tossing several times or until children tire of this game. After the game, have children gather around you.

Ask: When were you most successful at this game? How important is it for friends to help each other? How do you help your friends?

Say: Proverbs 17:17 says that a friend loves at all times. What does it mean to love at all times? When is it most difficult to love or help your friends? What's one way you can help a friend this week?

Say: Let's remember this week how important it is to help our friends.

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