Game: Bible Smuggle


Form a circle with kids holding their hands behind their backs.
Choose someone to be “It.” Have It stand in the center of the
circle. Hand a small Bible to one person in the circle. Have that
person pass the Bible to someone else behind his or her back.
Encourage kids to try to confuse the person in the middle so he or
she doesn’t know where the Bible is. Kids could pretend to pass the
Bible back and forth.

After three minutes, have It guess who’s holding the Bible. If
caught, that person becomes It. If not, have It guess again. Play
this game until children tire of it.

Then *say: In some countries, it’s against the law to have
a Bible. So Christians smuggle the Bible into these countries. Many
people risk their lives so people can have a Bible.

*Ask: How did you feel when the Bible came to your hands?
If it was against the law in our country to have a Bible, what
would you do? What risks would you take to get the Bible to people
who have no Bible? Why is the Bible important to our growth as

Joanne Wilson
Northumberland, Pennsylvania

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Game: Bible Smuggle
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