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Game: Bethlehem or Bust

Kids will enjoy this fun relay during the Christmas season.

For each team, you'll need a large jingle bell; a stick horse or broom; a cleaning tool other than a broom, such as a dust pan; and a laundry basket.

Form teams of six or fewer, and have the teams line up at one end of the room with the props at the other end. Give the first person in each line a jingle bell to shake as he or she runs to the other end of the room and performs a series of activities. Once they've completed all the activities, have them shake their bells as they return to their teams and pass the bells to the next people in line. Play until everyone has had a chance to do the activities.

The activities:

-Donkey Ride-Ride a stick horse or broom in a circle and say, "Giddyup, giddyup." Lay down the "horse."
-The Inn-Wave a cleaning tool (other than a broom) in the air, and say, "No 'broom' in the inn."
-Manger-Sit in a laundry basket and say, "They laid him in a manger."
-Angel-Flap your arms like wings and say, "Glory in the highest."

This is even more fun if the adults play too!

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