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Game: Anger Bubbles

Children's Ministry Magazine

You'll need two large bowls filled with water, dishwashing liquid, and a straw for each person...

Form two groups. Designate one group as Group 1 and the other group as Group 2. Give each person a straw.

Say: Lets pretend this dishwashing liquid is "anger." I'm dropping one drop of anger in each bowl. Group 1, blow as quickly as you can to produce lots of bubbles. Group 2, blow as slowly as you can to produce the least number of bubbles.

Continue the game until bubbles are about to overflow the "quick-blowing" bowl. Exchange groups and repeat the game.

Read aloud James 1:19.

Ask: What happened when you blew quickly? How was that bowl like or unlike someone who is quick to anger? What happened when you blew slowly? How is that like or unlike someone who is slow to anger? What happens when we quickly lose our tempers? What makes you angry? What helps you keep from getting angry quickly?

Esther Stockwell
Anaheim, California


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