Bible Game: All Tied Up


Use this Bible game with kids to help them learn not to get tangled up in sin.

Have kids stand in a circle with their arms stretched out in front of them. With all of the hands in the middle, have kids move toward the center of the circle and grab two other hands in the center (not a person next to them). Instruct kids to hold hands tightly as they move the circle outward again. They’ll be in one big knot.

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Say, “Now that you’re all tangled up, I want you to untie yourselves. Here’s the catch — you can’t let go of anyone’s hand, you must stay connected, and you can’t talk to each other.”

Have kids try to untangle themselves until you sense their frustration. Then stop the game and ask, “What was easy or difficult about this activity?”

Say, “When we don’t talk to one another, we get tied up in knots. In the same way, when we don’t talk to God and confess our sins, we end up in bigger knots. Let’s try this activity again. This time, you can talk to each other as you work to untangle yourselves, but you still have to stay connected.”

Repeat the game until kids are untangled. Then ask, “What made it easier to untangle yourselves the second time?”

Read 1 John 1:9. Say, “We can get tangled up in our sin and guilt if we don’t tell God we’re sorry. If we tell God our sins and ask him to forgive us, he forgives us and cleanses us.”

Courtney Wilson
Vancouver, Washington



Bible Game: All Tied Up
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