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From the Heart

Best for ages 6 to 9heart

You'll need: Bibles, paper, markers, scissors, plastic straws or pencils, and tape

Form pairs, and have partners brainstorm ways to keep Jesus first in their hearts during the coming year. After two minutes, ask pairs to share their ideas.

Then say: Things like prayer, reading the Bible, worshipping God, and going to church all help keep our hearts turned toward Jesus. And when we turn our hearts to Jesus, nothing can ever separate us from God's love.

Have kids read aloud Romans 8:38-39. Then have them each follow these instructions to make a craft to remind them to keep Jesus first in their hearts.

Cut two 2-inch squares of paper. On one square, draw a big heart. On the other, write "JESUS." Tape the papers back to back with a plastic straw in the center.  (See photos 1 and 2.)

Now twirl the straw and watch what happens. Jesus appears in the heart. (See photo 3.)

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