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From the Sept./Oct. 2010 issue of
Children’s Ministry Magazine:

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CM0910This issue, we’re honoring the top-20
children’s ministry influencers of the last 20 years.

What makes someone heroic in children’s ministry-not just on a
national level but on a local level? Here’s a snapshot.

  • A children’s ministry hero is someone who encourages others to
    work together in ministry for the greater good.
  • A children’s ministry hero finds time for one-on-one
    relationships that make all the difference in a young person’s
  • A children’s ministry hero is passionate about ministry to
  • A children’s ministry hero is willing to serve in anonymity
    year after year, finding the joy of service in the things that only
    God sees-and rewards.
  • A children’s ministry hero lives to reveal to children the
    amazing things that God has done and is doing in the world around
  • A children’s ministry hero not only ministers to children but
    also raises up the next generation of children’s ministry leaders
    by training and mentoring them.
  • A children’s ministry hero stays relevant with children’s
    culture to genuinely connect with kids.
  • A children’s ministry hero gets kids out of the walls of the
    church to serve and reach out to others.
  • A children’s ministry hero rises above obstacles to continue to
    give to children.
  • A children’s ministry hero has a genuinely humble,
    compassionate, and energetic nature that endears him to children
    and families.
  • A children’s ministry hero has others who say of her “so much
    of what I do today is from what I learned under her direction and
  • A children’s ministry hero is someone who’s faithful and able
    to get up, brush it off, and stay faithful when tripped up.
Finding Help in Smaller Churches

Our team is awed and grateful to be able to serve
all of you-the real heroes of children’s ministry. You are a
genuine children’s ministry hero because of what you do and how you
do it.

Children's Ministry Local Training

And to let you know how heroic we think you are, we’re giving you
your very own Super Children’s Ministry emblem. Print it on an
iron-on transfer, and put it on that superhero outfit we know you
wear under your Sunday best week in and week out! And share it with
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