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Happy 20th Anniversary!

M2Cover0311Not to us, but to you! Because if there were no you,
there’d be no us!

Children's Ministry Magazine
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Twenty years ago, we made a promise to ourselves and to you that
we’d do our very best to partner with you to make Jesus
irresistible to kids. It has been our privilege here at Children’s
Ministry Magazine to serve you. You’ve amazed us with your passion
and vision and steadfastness over the last 20 years!

And for the next 20 years, we promise to…

Keep serving you with the same passion you have as you
serve children and families.
We believe, along with you,
that children aren’t just the future of the church. They are the
church! We want to help you build the kingdom of God today through
the lives of children and families.

Keep learning along with you. We admit it: We don’t have
all the answers.
But we do have a voracious appetite for
learning. So we’ll keep talking to you, going to seminars, reading
like crazy, and digging to discover the very best methods, ideas,
and insights you need.

Keep seeking the very best. I’ll tell you a
secret. We cut a few articles that were scheduled for this issue
because they just weren’t up to muster. We don’t want to waste your
time with things you already know. We don’t want to recycle the
same old ideas. We’re committed to giving you the very best in
everything we do-editorial, design, photography, ads, and more. You
deserve the very best!

Keep your needs as our primary filter. Our Group
team talks to hundreds of children’s ministers every single day.
And we share what we learn about you with one another so we can
better meet your needs. We love spending time with you and hearing
from you. Our mission is to know you, serve you, and bless

Keep the kingdom of God as our primary goal.
We’re a team of highly professional designers, editors, writers,
marketers, leaders, and more. Our staff is amazing! But even more
amazing than what we know and what we can do is how much we love
Jesus. We don’t just create this magazine because it’s our job; we
create this magazine (and all our resources) because our heart
beats wildly for our wonderful Savior (just as yours does)!

So here’s to another 20 years of partnering with you to make Jesus
irresistible to kids!


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from-the-editor 3_4_2011
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