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from-the-editor 1_2_2011

Christine Yount Jones

2010 was hard. Okay, maybe just the last nine months.

I work with a team of people who long to create everything possible to resource the church. So in 2010, we created (ready for this?) two fall festival kits, two Christmas outreach kits, two Easter outreach kits, six Family Faith Celebrations kits, one Play 'n' Worship for Babies kit, two Throw-n-Tell Balls, five books, six magazines, 12 professional newsletters, and tons of little parts and pieces. Whew!

And we did it with half the staff we normally have. Double whew! We found ourselves saying (repeatedly) to one another, "Just hang on until (fill in the blank)."

I bet you can relate. One thing that's true of those of us in children's ministry is that we're extremely passionate, visionary, idealistic, and, at times, crazy. We say yes to too much. We overcommit. We work too many hours. We check email in the wee hours. Yep, we're crazy at times.

I don't know about you but when I'm tired, I get whiny. I'm not so fun, in other words. And when you work closely with a group of people, you begin to see their ragged edges, too.

Then again, you also see them pitch in to help with whatever needs to be done. To buy specialty coffee drinks to encourage others. To forgive one another and let grace abound. To laugh hard at the silliest things. To place the quality of a resource above any ego issues -- because in the long run it's about serving you well and advancing the kingdom of God.

I know you and your team get tired, too. God is the one who can refresh and renew our spirits. And we're looking to God to do just that. (Oh, yeah, and to increase our team so we can share the load a bit more!)

So on the heels of what my team would say is "tmi," here's what I wish for you as we turn over another year. I wish for you that 2011 won't be so easy that you don't have to hang onto God every moment. That you'll have work to do that'll leave your heart pumping and tongue hanging out as you complete it. And that God will bless you with great joy as you realize that every moment you've invested is for eternity.

All that and also long naps, relaxing moments, and an understanding family to see you through it all!


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