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From the Nov./Dec. 2010 issue of Children’s Ministry

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I’m guilty.

CM1110CoverBefore I reveal my sin, let me say
I’m so grateful to resource the church with great ideas, tools,
resources, strategies, principles, methods, and more. I believe in
all these things to make the church stronger and more

Perhaps too much. And I don’t think I’m alone.

Children's Ministry Local Training

I have the privilege of attending conferences, seminars, webinars,
and workshops. And I read numerous blogs, books, articles, columns,
tweets, and more. I talk to really bright people who are in the
fields of children’s and family ministry. These things aren’t the

What I believe the problem is–and God forgive us because
we’re all guilty of this at times to varying degrees–is when we
depend on the steady stream of information, rather than depending
on the power of the almighty God.

It looks like this. We have a challenge in our ministry, so we
google for answers. We ask others what they’ve done that’s worked.
We have coffee with a friend to commiserate about our ministry
woes. We attend conference after conference and dutifully take
copious notes. We buy or download ministry textbooks and guides in
search of the latest, greatest innovation.

These things tickle our minds as we grapple with the challenges we
face. We can figure this out, we reason! And we rarely ask
God to help us. And if we do, we rarely wait for his answer.

Mega-Events: Reaching a Multitude

I confess. I’m guilty of prayerlessness. I’m guilty of not
inviting God into my work and my ministry to show up with power and
miracles and wisdom and his sweet presence. I’m guilty of not being
dependent on God first and foremost.

Sure, we can get the job done without prayer–kind of. But
perhaps the things we long for more than anything–children loving
Jesus for a lifetime and families growing in Christ–will never
genuinely happen without us humbling ourselves and praying and
seeking God and turning from our self-sufficient ways. Then, and only then, will he forgive and restore us
(2 Chronicles 7:14).

I’m calling you, dear reader, to join me in turning this
generation around–not with methods or resources–but with God’s
amazing power as we cry out to him. Want to
join me on this great adventure? Email me at to let me know you’re taking
this prayer challenge! And I’ll join you in prayer, too.

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