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I’m a time traveler. Now before you call and ask what’s going to
happen tomorrow or how you can go back and fix a past mistake,
don’t. I can only see a veiled picture of the future, but it’s
there, and I see it all the time.

To take off into the future, I walk down the halls of our church
on a Sunday morning and visit the classes to see what God is doing
in his kingdom. I see a teacher patiently dealing with a
strong-willed child who refuses to listen to her instructions. In
the future I pray, along with her parents, to one day see this
child in a hostile mission field with a government official telling
her to stop preaching about this Jesus. I see this child’s strong
will standing firm for the kingdom of Christ — and her preaching
continues in spite of being told otherwise.

Traveling farther down the hall, and further into the future, I
see a child who’s having difficulty sitting in his chair. He’d
rather climb over the back of the chair or onto the table. He’s a
picture of perpetual motion. Looking ahead in time, I see Christ
calling this child to minister to a tribe on a mountain top that no
one even knew existed. I see him climbing a mountainside rather
than chairs and tables to share the love of Christ with those
who’ve never heard.

Peeking into the nursery, I see the littlest lambs being cared
for, and the most distant future comes into view. Future leaders of
the kingdom are learning in a safe, loving environment that they
have a gentle Shepherd. These children will grow up to develop
kid-friendly churches with loving, welcoming environments.

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Are these the only possibilities for these children? Absolutely
not! As the future unfolds, I see children growing to be our future
Sunday school coordinators, church leaders, and more. The
possibilities are as endless as the future of the kingdom of

We don’t know what each child will become in the future, but if we
dare to dream as we pray for our flocks, the results will astound
us. Paul said that God is able to do immeasurably more than we
could ever even ask or imagine! So dare to pray big things for the
future of the children you minister to each week.

You are a time traveler! If you work with children, you’re seeing
and touching the future. By developing this vision for your
ministry, it may help you see beyond the present problems with
individual children and your ministry at large. Begin looking to
the future that God is preparing for the children in your

Encourage parents with this view of their children’s lives: If
children are properly guided, God can use kids to do great things
for his kingdom. Pray with and for parents that God will do more
with the little ones in your care than you could ever dare to ask.
God is using you to shape a kingdom that will never end.

Tim McCracken
Birmingham, Alabama

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