Food Harvest


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Use this Thanksgiving bible activity to show that we can rely on
God to provide for all of our needs.

o Theme: God’s provision

o Text: Philippians 4:19

o Preparation: You’ll need one paper bag for
each group of four and a watch. Hide treats for half the children
where they’ll easily find them. You’ll need a helper to deliver a
bowl of “harvest” mixture: raisins, mini-marshmallows, peanuts, and
M&M’s candies.

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o The Message: (Form groups of four. Have
children number off in their groups. Close your classroom

Say: “Pilgrims came on boats to America long ago to start a new
life. They struggled to survive, and they had to have food to eat.
Sometimes they couldn’t grow enough food, but they relied on God to
help during hard times. God provided, and they were able to share
their food with the American Indians at Thanksgiving.”

“Let’s play a Thanksgiving game. When I say, “Pilgrim #1,
harvest your food,” #1 from each group will look for food to share
with others. When I call “time,” put your harvest in your sack.
Then we’ll send out pilgrim #2.”

(Time each round for 30 seconds. After the last round, have each
group count its harvest.)

“How’d you feel about the food you got? How’d the pilgrims have
enough food to share with the American Indians at

(Have your helper knock on the door to deliver a bowl of harvest

“God blessed me with plenty, and I want to share his blessing with
you. You worked hard to gather the harvest, but there wasn’t
enough. Next time you need something, how can you rely on God to


(Read the Scripture and close in Thanksgiving prayer.)

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