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You’re Malnourished Spiritually
You know you’ve seen them-the people who put their Bibles or
bulletins down to save their spot in big church but leave to serve
somewhere else in the church. These people will probably enter
service later or maybe not at all. There’s a church I once attended
where I always saw the Bible but never the person. I also saw a
staff member who, when her ministry time was over, left church and
never attended a service. No one knew she did this. Not the
ministry leader, pastor…no one. The last three months she was on
staff, she and her husband had separated. During those three
months, no one knew what she was going through. She finally quit
her job and left the church.

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I’ve been there. I remember sitting at a Christmas service and
realizing I couldn’t remember the last time I’d participated in a
church service that didn’t require me working. Have you been

As a children’s minister or volunteer, when was the last time you
participated in communion? Attended a church service with no other
responsibility? Didn’t have to “sneak out” during closing prayer to
go to your next ministry assignment? Shared with your pastor your
personal needs? Ministry leaders need love and care just as much as
those we serve.

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You’re Afraid to Take a Break
If someone offered you a free vacation, what would you say? “My
ministry needs me!” “How can I go away with so much going on?”
“What if I miss something?” All these excuses are rooted in pride.
If you always worry about what’ll happen when you’re gone, you need
a self-evaluation. People who are immature in a position can worry
if their subordinates are a potential risk for them to lose their
job. They fear that if they leave, someone will outshine

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Another reason for not taking a break is that you actually believe
that everything would fall apart without you. Remember that if you
put people in positions who are qualified enough to do the job, you
don’t need to come to their rescue. Your absence could actually
help your team grow.

In ministry, our goal is to raise up warriors in the faith to go
to battle. Your team will never learn if you don’t give them the
opportunity to activate the God-given potential within them. If
you’re feeling stressed, taking a well-earned break is a win-win
for everyone. You get to recharge your batteries and your team has
the opportunity to serve in a new and exciting way.


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