Five Golden Stars


Follow these instructions to lead your family in celebrating
Jesus’ birth.

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  1. Get four pieces of clean trash, such as crumpled, unused
    tissues. Hide them around the house in somewhat obvious locations,
    and then place a small star sticker in plain view just above the
    hiding place of each item.
  2. Get a better item, such as a plate of cookies, and hide it very
    well. Place the large star sticker above it, but make sure the
    sticker isn’t easy to see.
  3. Tell your family you’re sending them on a treasure hunt as they
    let the stars guide them to look for hidden treasure. Walk with
    your family as they search, and let them know when they’ve found
    all the stars.
  4. Ask: How did the treasure under the big star compare
    with the other treasures? How does the treasure of Jesus compare
    with other things about Christmas? What things can distract us from
    looking for Jesus?
  5. Say: Jesus is the greatest Christmas treasure of all.
    He’s the very reason we celebrate! This Christmas, remember to look
    for Jesus.
    Enjoy the tasty treat together as a

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