Father’s Day Devotion: Fit for a King!


Use this fun Father’s Day devotion to help kids celebrate fathers and recognize our Heavenly Father this Father’s Day.

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Preparation: You’ll need a Bible and shiny stickers. You’ll need two 2X24-inch strips of yellow construction paper per child. (Ahead of time, tape the ends of two construction paper strips together to form a crown if children are younger.) You’ll also need markers for kids to write or draw with.

Text: Galatians 4:4-7

The Message: What kind of father might wear a crown like this? What would it be like to have a king for a dad? The Bible tells us something important about our Heavenly Father. (Read the Scripture.) According to these verses, who is our Heavenly Father? How are our fathers and the special men in our lives here on earth like our Heavenly Father?

Distribute the supplies to create the crown and the shiny stickers. Say: Let’s make a special crown for our father or a special man in our live here on earth. Put a sticker “jewel” on this crown and finish the sentence, “I love you because you’re…” You might say, “I love you because you’re kind.” 

When kids are done decorating their crowns, say: On Father’s Day, we give our dads special presents. You can give your father or special friend this crown and thank him for being in your life. What are some gifts can we give our Heavenly Father?

After kids discuss their ideas, say: Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you for loving us and giving us our fathers and the special men in our lives. You’re awesome, and we praise you for making us your children. Amen.


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Father’s Day Devotion: Fit for a King!
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