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Fish Napkin Holder

Children's Ministry Magazine

Preteens can make these napkin rings to use at their families' Easter dinner.

You'll need chenille wires and pony beads.

Have kids bend chenille wires in half to find the center, and then twist the center point to form the tip of the fish's face. Have kids place 11 pony beads on the two halves of chenille wire that extend from the twist. Secure the beads on both halves by twisting the wire ends together to form the fish's body. Place three more beads on the remainder of each extension, bend the wire behind the beads to secure it, and then trim the remaining wire.

As kids create their napkin holders, discuss how they recognize that someone else is a Christian, such as how the person treats others. Tell kids a fish symbolized a follower of Jesus in the early church, and ask preteens what symbolizes Jesus' followers today.

Joanne Reho
Star Junction, Pennsylvania


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