Firing a Volunteer


After you’ve done all you can to equip an ineffective volunteer, have you got what it takes to move—or remove—the person if necessary?

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Fire a volunteer? You’ve got to be kidding!

In all my conversations with children’s ministers, we rarely talk about getting rid of volunteers. Instead, we talk about getting volunteers. After debating the style we use to acquire staff, we end up agreeing that volunteer apathy and busyness have left us a little short on our volunteer rosters. Firing a volunteer rarely comes up.

Unfortunately, though, every person chosen for ministry may not fulfill our goals for ministry to children. Some people may only understand the basic mechanics of a classroom, while our goals include a deeper commitment to discipleship and relationship. In these cases, people are minimally harmful. In other cases, though, an ineffective volunteer may adversely affect many aspects of children’s spiritual growth and our programs.

We have to deal with the long-range implications of the wrong people leading our kids. To do this, let’s look at the three approaches often used to fire a volunteer: the passive approach, the aggressive approach, and the balanced approach. Which best describes your approach?

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