Finis Was the Finest


Last night in the car, I told my daughter Abby about a pastor who'd made a huge difference in my life as a child. Three things he did in particular endeared me to him.

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1. He let us decorate the loft of the church for Halloween–even though that was kind of controversial. I think he loved that we wanted to spend an afternoon in his church.

2. He took us swimming in a little creek at Falls Creek during junior music camp because we were too old for the classes. He dozed and let us play around after we walked forever to get there.

3. He opened his home on numerous afternoons when my friends and I would ask him for theological direction because our friends from another denomination had a different view on baptism than we did. And, of course, we were arguing with them.

I loved Finis Steelman. He was an amazing Indian Cowboy who loved God and loved us. He welcomed us just as we were–little children. He's gone on to heaven, but I just wanted to memorialize this sweet saint today in my blog!

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