Finger Play: See the Baby Jesus


Have children say the phrases and do the corresponding actions with you in this fun finger play.

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See the baby Jesus, born within a barn (bring fingertips of both hands to form a roof peak).

See the baby Jesus, held in Mary’s arms (cradle arms).

See the baby Jesus, star high overhead (extend arms high).

See the baby Jesus, manger for a bed (palms of hands together; lay cheek on hands).

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See the boy Jesus, little child like me (point to self).

See the boy Jesus, fishing in the sea (hands together, casting out fishing line).

See the boy Jesus; see him running there (one palm flat, other hand “running” on palm).

See the boy Jesus, on his knees in prayer (fold hands in prayer).

See the man Jesus, walking by the sea (two fingers walking).

See the man Jesus, children on his knee (two hands on knees).

See the man Jesus, loving everyone (closed fists, crossed against chest).

See the man Jesus asking me to come (right hand motioning to come).

Carol McAdoo Rehme
Loveland, Colorado



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