Finger Play: David Meets Goliath

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Lead kids in the following story based on 1 Samuel 17. Have kids do the actions in

(Begin with hands behind back.)

Where is Goliath?
Here is Goliath (bring left index finger from behind back).
Where is David?
Here is David (bring right little finger from behind back).
Goliath is so tall (stretch “Goliath” finger).
David is so small (wiggle “David” finger).
Goliath said, “You cannot win. I am stronger, you will see” (use a
deep voice and move “Goliath” while talking).
David said, “I will win, for God will be with me” (wiggle “David”
while talking).
David said a prayer (clasp hands together)
And threw his stone into the air (pretend to throw a stone).
The stone flew well (shade eyes to watch the stone),
And the giant Goliath fell (topple “Goliath” into palm of right
Little David won the fight (raise hands as in victory),
For he believed in what is right (place hands in praying

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Cindy Newell
Fort Collins, Colorado



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