Bible Game: Find Your Family

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This is a fun Bible game to play with kids for any lesson that has animals, such as Noah’s Ark or Creation.

Form groups of four. For each group of four, create a different animal family with these four family members: Dad Chicken, Mom Chicken, Sister Chicken, and Baby Chicken (use a different animal for each family).

Give each player one folded slip of paper with an animal and family member on it. On “go,” kids walk around trading papers with everyone else in the room, trying to make as many exchanges as possible. They should not look at the papers they’re receiving.

After two minutes, call out, “Find your family.”

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Without speaking, the players find their family members by acting out the animals on their papers. When players find their families, they must sit in order from Dad to Baby in a line on the floor. Then have family members tell their real names to one another and a fun tidbit about themselves, such as their favorite ice cream or animal.


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