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Feeding 5,000

Children's Ministry Magazine

A simple way to teach children how God is able to meet all of our needs.

Grades: K-3
Theme: Jesus' miracle
Text: John 6:5-13

Preparation: You'll need a snack-size resealable bag filled with gummy fish and small crackers for each child (plus 12 extra filled bags), a hot glue gun, a helper, and a Bible. You'll also need the following large shapes cut out of craft foam: four identical fish shapes and 10 identical bread loaves. Make two hollow fish and five hollow bread loaves by hot gluing two matching sides together and leaving an opening at the top.

The Message: (Before kids arrive, put the snack bags inside the hollow fish and loaves.)

Today we're going to experience something that's a little like one of Jesus' miracles. But before we do, I'm sure hungry. Who brought the snack for today? (Look around as if you're expecting one of the children to produce a snack. After a minute, have your helper come out with the fish and loaves.) Well, this is a small snack, but it'll have to do. Let's thank God for our snack. (Pray. Have the helper give a snack bag to each child. Then count the extras bags and read the Scripture.)

How did you feel when I asked if you brought the snack? How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus asked them to find food for all those people? How did you feel when you discovered that we had enough snacks to go around?

Zac Holm
Eagan, Minnesota

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