Father’s Day Tie

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A creative Father’s Day craft that children will have fun
decorating–and their father’s will love to receive.

We used a computer to print several 5 1/4-inch-long tie patterns
on white paper. We printed “Happy Father’s Day” and our church name
on the ties. Then we photocopied enough for each child to have one
tie. The children decorated and cut out their ties.

Moms in our church helped press white handkerchiefs to look like
little shirts and then stapled the decorated ties to them. We made
about 150 of these so it took a little while. The fathers in our
congregation were delighted with this clever, useful gift.

To press handkerchiefs, follow this pattern:

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  1. Fold handkerchief in half with the top edge against the bottom
    edge. Press.
  2. Fold the left and right edges toward the middle until they
    slightly overlap. Press.
  3. Fold the left and right folded edges to the back toward the
    middle until they slightly overlap. Press.
  4. Fold down the upper part of the front opening to resemble a
    collar. Press.
  5. Staple the paper tie to the “shirt” collar. Staple the
    handkerchief together beneath the paper tie.

Kay Cleaver
Greeley, Colorado


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