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Father's Day: The Dad Factor

Help the boys in your ministry cultivate positive relationships with their fathers or the special men in their lives...

The Great Outdoors
Invite boys and their special guests to a fishing and camping weekend. Arrange a location, and have experienced men lead fishing, hiking, or rock climbing outings during the weekend. Include campfire devotions, and bring along hot dogs and marshmallows to roast.

Ballpark Blast
If you've got a major or minor league baseball team nearby, have your boys invite their special guests for a day at the ballpark. Most stadiums sell tickets at group rates, and often the name of your group will be announced sometime during the game.

Blessing Ceremony
If you've got kids graduating from kindergarten or elementary, include a blessing ceremony in your graduation festivities. Have each special man in the child's life stand behind his child. Then read the blessing that Aaron and his sons used to bless the Israelites (Numbers 6:24-26). Have the adults say prayers of blessing over their children too.


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