Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Father’s Day

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Use this great Preschool Sunday School lesson: Father’s Day in your Sunday school. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.


  1. All in the Family — Show children a picture of your family. Talk about your family and lead children in talking about their families.
  2. A Special Gift — Have children do the motions in parentheses as you tell this story from Genesis 37:1-11.
    Say: Joseph’s father Jacob loved him very much (cross your arms across your chest);
    Jacob thought and thought about what gift he could give Joseph (point to your head as though thinking);
    Jacob clipped wool from a sheep (pretend to cut with scissors);
    Jacob dyed the wool many colors (pretend to dip wool into several different buckets);
    Jacob wove the cloth (pretend to push a weave forward and back);
    Jacob sewed a coat for Joseph (pretend to sew);
    and Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful coat (pretend to put on a coat).Afterward, ask: How did Jacob show his son that he loved him? Do you think Joseph liked his new coat? Why or why not? How does your father show you that he loves you? (If you have children without fathers, ask about grandfathers or uncles.) Have the children retell the story to each other, using the appropriate motions.
  3. Sing a Song — Say: This Sunday, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day. Let’s thank God for our fathers.
    Lead children in singing the following song to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Sing: Thank you, God, for my daddy, my daddy, my daddy. Thank you, God, for my daddy. Thank you, God. Let children suggest other family members to thank God for.
  4. Colorful Cards — Give children white card stock. Have them each fold their paper in half to make a card. Then have children tear or cut pieces of construction paper to glue to the front of their card. Tell them they’re making colorful cards for someone they love for Father’s Day — the same way Jacob made a colorful coat for someone he loved. Have children deliver their cards after class.5. Food for Thought

You’ll need: Gingerbread man cookie cutters, sandwich bread, blunt knives, peanut butter, cream cheese, raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, decorator sprinkles, cups, and milk.

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Directions: Have children use the cookie cutters to cut out man shapes from the bread. Encourage children to use the spreads and toppings to decorate their “fathers.”

Serve with milk or fruit juice. As children eat, have them describe characteristics of a great father.

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