Father’s Day Craft: My Father’s Tie


Remember the important role that our earthly father’s play in our lives with this Father’s Day Craft: My Father’s Tie.

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Stuff you’ll need:

  • Construction paper
  • scissors
  • a hole punch
  • yarn
  • markers

Tell kids to make a creative Father’s Day card for their father, grandfather, or favorite adult male with these steps

  • Cut a tie shape from construction paper.
  • Decorate your tie to look like the kind of tie your father wears. On the back, write a note to your father to wish him “Happy Father’s Day.”
  • Punch two holes in the top of the tie.
  • Thread a 15-inch piece of yarn through the two holes and tie the two ends together in a knot. Make sure the yarn is large enough to fit around a man’s head.

Talk Teasers:

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Say: In Exodus 20:12, God tells us to “honor your father.” Honor means to respect, listen to and obey. Giving your father a special gift is one way to honor him.

Ask: What are some other ways you can honor your father on Father’s Day? What’s one thing you’ll do for your father today to honor him?

Say: In Psalm 103:13, God says he’s like a father who’s kind to his children. Let’s wish God “Happy Father’s Day” also by thanking him for giving us our fathers.

Charlotte Lesko
Oakfield, New York



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