Father’s Day (1)


Have fathers and children serve fatherless families within your
church or community. They could plant trees, clean gutters, mow
lawns, or change the oil in cars.

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Or father-child pairs could take fatherless children on an
outing. Everyone could go to a ball game together, or they could
plan a ball game of their own where kids play along with the dads
for the day.

Invite all families (even those without fathers) to a special
picnic on the church lawn or at a nearby park. Have the students
make the invitations, the menu, and even the lunches. Try a box
lunch theme with sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies. Kids can
decorate the boxes (available at bakery supply warehouses), make
the sandwiches, fill the boxes, and lead the way as you hike to
your picnic area.

Have smaller families join together as teams for the day’s events.
Encourage families to participate in these games and

* Have dads help younger children make huge soap bubbles. Pour
dish detergent and water into a small wading pool. Use hula hoops,
coat hangers, and assorted kitchen utensils as wands. Kids will
enjoy chasing and popping bubbles of all sizes.

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* Create “Texas Skis” by tying 4-foot lengths of rope along 2X4
studs. Place the two “skis” side-by-side and have family members
stand on the boards and hold onto the ropes. Add or take off ropes
so that there are two ropes (one from each board) for each player.
Each family must work together to “ski” to the finish line.

* Have each family make a giant root beer float in a large juice
or water pitcher. Give each family member a straw; then blow a
whistle and see which family can empty its pitcher first.

Last night my little boy confessed to me
Some childish wrong,
And kneeling at my knee
He prayed with tears,
“Dear God, make me a man
Like Daddy-wise and strong.
I know you can.”

Then while he slept,
I knelt beside his bed,
Confessed my sins,
And prayed with low bowed head,
“O God, make me a child
Like my child here-
Pure, guileless,
Trusting thee with faith sincere.”


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