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Say Cheese

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Emily Snider, children’s pastor at Christ Community Church in
Roseville, Michigan, sends customized cards to visitors that
include a photo of the child or family at the outreach event.
Snider includes the name of the event and the date on the front and
the back includes worship service times.

Say (Chuck-E) Cheese

Steve Young, children’s ministry director at Southeast Christian
Church in Louisville, Kentucky, capitalized on this mouse’s brand.
Using the names collected for a prize drawing from an outreach
event at their church, leaders sent coupons for a $10
Chuck-E-Cheese gift card redeemable at their next family

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After kids visit or attend an event for the first time at his
church, Hudson sends a letter to kids, thanking them for visiting
and includes a coupon to turn in for a free gift the next time they
return. Dale says families regularly return with the coupons and
that this has been one of their most effective follow-up tools.

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