Fantastic Follow-Up


4. Make It Personal

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Make follow-up visits more personal by strategically connecting
people who may know each other.

  • School Connection-Group visits according to
    schools. Have children already involved in your ministry who attend
    the same school be the ones who extend an invitation to return to
    your church.
  • Extracurricular Connection-Ask families if
    they recognize guests’ names as kids who are involved in sports,
    music, or a club they’re also involved in. Use this connection to
    have families connect with these kids and their families as they
    wait during practice or at a related competition or event.
  • Neighborhood Connection-Plan visits according
    to neighborhoods, subdivisions, or communities. Ask church families
    living in those areas to make follow-up visits. Ask church families
    to be open about where they live and extend an invitation for
    guests to drop by their home if they need information about the
    church or would like their family to attend a service with them on
    the weekend.


Follow-up doesn’t always happen as a purposeful gesture, it can
also take place by creating something for people to talk about.
Positive conversations about your event are a natural way to follow
up with visitors.

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Conversation Starters

A blog is a great way to stimulate conversations with families.
Children’s ministries director Diana Loach at St. Giles Kingsway
Presbyterian Church in Toronto, Canada, set up a blog for families
to connect. Every afternoon after VBS, she posted one or two ideas
for families to do together that corresponded with the day’s theme.
Diana also included the words to songs kids would sing during their
final program for parents. This was a great way for parents who
weren’t connected to the church to feel part of the outreach event
without a lot of pressure.


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