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Have your church families “adopt” all your guests. Make a kit
with each child’s vital statistics: birthday, age, likes,
interests, address, phone number, parent’s email address, and
family information. Then connect each child with a church family.
Families can use the kits to get to know their adopted guests
throughout the year and encourage them to come to church and Sunday


Visiting a child’s home can be a great way to make a
face-to-face connection. And in this day and age when a personal
touch is rarely given, a personal visit could make all the
difference to a family.

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Visiting Tips

When visiting a family just be yourself and follow these

  1. Call ahead to ensure that you’re visiting at a good time for
    the family.
  2. Never go alone when visiting a child’s home. Include another
    adult or two or three kids from your ministry.
  3. Keep it brief and fun when you make a home visit.
  4. Don’t come empty-handed. Bring a pre-wrapped snack to share, a
    ball for a quick game on the front lawn, and brochures or fliers
    about your ministry and upcoming events.

Sixth Day
of VBS

At Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, leaders recruit
for follow-up when they recruit for VBS. They ask their leaders if
they’d like to participate in Sixth Day, which occurs the Wednesday
following VBS week. Diana Pendley, minister of children, says they
provide childcare for participating leaders that morning and a
quick breakfast when they arrive. They have a praise report on
highlights from the previous week and then everyone heads out for
the morning to deliver packets to homes of children who indicated
their family doesn’t have a church home. Each packet contains
information about their church, a sermon CD, and a calendar of
upcoming children’s and family events.

Leaders go out in pairs with printed maps for each visit
location. Visiting leaders don’t enter homes but deliver packets
and thank parents for letting their children be part of VBS week.
If no one’s home, leaders handwrite a personal note to the family
on provided note cards.


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