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Be My Guest

More than 40% of the unchurched said they’d return if a friend
or acquaintance invited them. Encourage people to make a personal
invitation and keep in touch afterward with those they invited.

  • Kid-to-Kid-Encourage kids to invite their
    friends, classmates, and neighbors. Give them a fun way to invite
    kids. For example, give them two rubber wristbands with the
    information about your event. They keep one and give one away. To
    order rubber wristbands, go to
  • Adult-to-Kid-Encourage adults to invite kids
    they already know with a fun, customizable invitation for any
    event. Simply cut the opening and place a sucker in it. Download this cute
    sucker invitation. Encourage adults to offer to pick up the
    children if they need a ride the day of your event.
  • Family to Family-Create a polished “ticket” to
    your event that your church members can give out. Encourage
    families to share with others the one thing they’re looking forward
    to most at the event and then tell their prospective guests how
    much they’d enjoy going to the event with them. Download a customizable
    for any event.


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