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Great follow-up isn’t just the actions you take after an event
occurs; it also includes taking care of visitor-friendly details
that ensure your event is well attended and welcoming from start to

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Consider these critical things that’ll get your guests wanting

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  • Great Beginnings-From the moment families
    enter your parking lot, welcoming faces and clear signage must
    direct them to your entryway. Staff your parking lot with
    volunteers to direct traffic for easy and quick parking-even if you
    think your church is too small for this. Then have uniformed
    attendants who can direct people to your event entrance (a uniform
    can be a simple vest or fun hat). Also post greeters at your
    entryway who can smile and answer guests’ questions.
  • First-Class Event-Put on an event that your
    community can’t wait to attend. Use welcoming publicity that
    invites your community, not just people from your church. Train
    your volunteers to be friendly and attentive to children and
    families. Recruit floaters to assure that restrooms are cleaned and
    stocked and that garbage cans are regularly emptied. Make sure all
    elements are fun, welcoming, and worthy of buzz as families leave
    your event.
  • Exit Strategies-Stage volunteers at your exits
    to ensure that people feel just as welcomed when they leave as when
    they came. As families leave, train volunteers to thank them for
    coming and tell them they hope they had fun or ask a question about
    what their favorite part of the event was. Hang posters as people
    exit with information about your service times, next event, or
    large photos of kids with quotes about why they love your


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