10 Family Ties to Faith



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Connect busy families to a faith-filled outlook with these 10 time-savvy ideas!

Families are swamped. Schedules overflow with commitments. You hear or read about overextended families every day in the news. Yet there you sit, the children’s minister at your church, politely—albeit guiltily—piping up with, “Excuse me, how can we get more faith development happening at home during the week?”

Though most families cringe at the thought of adding more activities or responsibilities to their calendars, many admit that they too would like to make time for faith growth—if they had the right tools. Time, of course, is one of those tools.

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So how can you help families and children focus on faith during the week? We’ve compiled 10 simple, quick ways you can help families weave faith into their everyday lives and build God-honoring habits—without putting a dent in their schedules.

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