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Family Quilts

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A seed is planted. For months it's cared for -- water and sunlight help the seed grow into something majestic. Then the winds change, the days grow shorter, and the time arrives for the seed to fulfill its purpose as its produce is gathered. Fall brings an abundance of crops -- fruits and vegetables ripe for picking, ready for our taste buds to enjoy. Harvest time generates a season of blessing and gratitude.

Kids also head to school in the fall, and they plant new seeds to grow knowledge and friendship. Their hearts and minds are ripe, ready to fulfill God's purpose. Help kids harvest friendships and faith this fall with this fun autumn activity.

Stuff: A 12-inch square of white card stock for each family, markers, and Bibles.

Families can create a mural for a wall in your meeting area to signify their commitment to be a family of faith.

Give each family a card stock block and a Bible. Have families discuss ways they serve God. Encourage them to dream of new ways they can honor God in their homes. Then let families decorate their blocks to represent the ways they serve or honor God as a family. Create a quilt mural using the family blocks with a banner that says, "Families of Faith."

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