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Have the people on the front row come follow you. Say to your
followers: Just follow along with me by doing the actions I

To the crowd, say: Everyone crowd into the aisle here.
Tighter! And tighter! You’re the Red Sea. You, here in the front,
you’ll be the leader for the Red Sea. You create motions for
everyone else to follow-just like a sea!
(Instruct the
Red Sea leader to lead everyone who is making up the sea in the
“wave” just like fans do at sporting events.)

When we start running through you, you have to part the
Red Sea and move people out of the aisle!

Say to your followers: Let’s pretend we’re Moses and the
Israelites. We want to get out of Egypt-FAST!
(Run in

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Say: Look behind you! (Turn and look

Say: Oh, no!

Say: Here comes Pharaoh’s army! (Slap your
hands on your thighs to make a sound like galloping

Say: Yikes! We’re scared! Keep running!
(Pant and pretend to run.)

Say: Now look ahead! (Hold your hand over
your eyebrows as if you are scouting ahead.)

Say: Oh, no! Water!

Say: Just one big sea of water.

Say: Nowhere to run.

Say: Nowhere to hide.

Say: Help us, God! (Fold your hands in

Say: The water’s parted! (Open your arms

Say: Come on!

Say: Let’s go between the walls of water.
(Run through the crowd as the crowd parts.)

Say: Yea! (Lead the Israelites in a happy

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