Family Nights a Go-Go


Go-Go Home

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Send families home with ideas to revisit what they’ve
experienced. Provide a take-home sheet with the contact information
for your event’s featured organization. Provide ideas for families
to serve in their community together. 


Surf’s up, Dude! Families can kick off the summer or beat the
winter blues with this beach-themed party that’ll also remind them
of God’s protection.

Before You Go-Go

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Before your families can catch a wave, you’ve got some serious
getting ready to do! Start with these ideas.

Invitations-Create a Facebook event page that
includes a great surfing photo and all the details for your family
event. For invitations to distribute, print colorful beach ball
invitations. Then use a die-cut machine to easily cut them into
circles. Encourage families to dress in their favorite Hawaiian
shirts, dresses, or boardshorts.
Decorations-Hang beach balls and fishnets from
your ceiling. Lay down a large tarp and place a couple of plastic
play pools filled with sand and sand toys on top of the tarp.
Purchase a surfing DVD to show on a big screen or wall, and play
Hawaiian music as families arrive.

On the Go-Go

Welcome families with an “Aloha” greeting and have them all
shout it back to you before they start to rotate through these
tropical stations.

  • Havin’ a Ball-Use this game to help families
    get to know each other by name. Have everyone stand or sit in a
    circle, and begin with one beach ball that people each will hold as
    they introduce themselves by name. Have the first person take the
    beach ball, say his or her name, and then toss it to someone else,
    saying that person’s name. Continue until everyone has had a turn.
    Have families repeat the game, trying to toss the ball in the same
    order. For extra fun, add one or two more balls to make it
    fast-paced and a bit crazy.
  • Sand Castles-Have family teams create sand
    castles in the play pools, with kids competing against their
    parents to see who can build the tallest or widest castle.
  • Hit the Beach Relay-Have families form two
    teams. At one end of the room, have a beach chair and a beach bag
    filled with the following items for each team: XXL Hawaiian print
    shirt, XXL boardshorts, a lei, a pair of sunglasses, and a straw
    hat. Each team will also need a digital camera and a person
    assigned to be that team’s photographer. On “go,” a member from
    each team races to the team’s beach bag, puts on all the items in
    the bag, sits in the beach chair, has a photo taken, removes
    everything, puts it back into the bag, runs back to “start,” and
    tags the next team member to go.
  • Tuna Boats-Families can create their own tuna
    boat snacks by cutting green peppers in half, filling them with
    tuna salad (you can offer chicken salad as an alternative), and
    topping each one with a triangular cheese slice and toothpick for a

Beachy Gathering-When families are finished
rotating through the stations, bring everyone together for a
retelling of the account of God parting the Red Sea. Use the “Red
Sea Run” experience below to get everyone into this.
Afterward encourage families to discuss: Where do you need God’s
help like Moses did? How can our family help you trust God in that

Go-Go Home

As families leave, have a limbo stick for them to pass under,
and as they limbo, have people shout, “God protects me!” Give
everyone a pair of plastic sunglasses with a note attached saying,
“God always offers us protection.” Also give each family a card to
redeem at church for a photo from the event. 

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