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Create place mats on 11×17-inch paper that shows a world map
marked with the locations of missionaries your church sponsors.
Include a short prayer at the bottom so families can remember to
pray for these people or organizations at mealtime. Laminate the
place mats for more durability.



There are all kinds of great marches and race events with the
purpose of raising money for charity. The March of Dimes, March for
Hunger, Race for the Cure-you name it, it’s out there. This spring,
plan to offer families a “March in March” event to raise awareness
and provide opportunities for families to make an impact in their
community by partnering with a local charity.

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Before You Go-Go

Forward, march! Wait! Don’t step out without these practical

Research-Find out which organizations in your
area do some kind of march or race at this time of year. Consider
partnering with one of these organizations. Then get information,
fliers, and registration forms to share with your families. Ask the
organization’s leaders to attend the event and host a display table
where they can speak personally to families and register them on
the spot.
Invitations-Use or social networking sites to get the
word out at no cost. For printed invitations, use footprints as
your visual theme. Decorate your halls and stairwells with
footprints leading to an information table with fliers and a
sign-up sheet for your event.
Decorations-Again highlight footprints cut out of
colorful construction paper as a main decorating item. Hang
colorful race flags around your entrance. Use race numbers to
identify your event stations.

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