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As families leave, give each one a chocolate bar with a wrapper
that reminds them to show mercy to others and each other during the
week. Here’s a downloadable candy wrapper. Also give them a
card they can turn in later to redeem a copy of the photo from the
banana split event.


Use this theme to help families discover that we’re part of the
larger (global) body of Christ and that we’re all given different
gifts. Teach families to go for the gold by embracing the diversity
of people from other cultures while they learn about missions and
outreach in a fun, interactive way.

Before You Go-Go

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Just as athletes prepare to win in an international arena, help
families win internationally, too-by getting involved in missions.
Do these things first.

  • Research-Meet with your missions team prior to
    your event to determine which cultures you want to highlight
    that’ll complement the missions organizations or missionaries your
    church supports.
  • Invitations-Create an event page on Facebook
    to invite families online. For printed torch invitations, insert
    your invitation into a tube. Glue a gold flame to the edge of the
    invitation so people can pull on the flame to get the invitation
    out of the tube. For extra impact, host this event during the 2010
    Winter Olympics (February 12-28, 2010).
  • Decorations-Capitalize on the Olympic theme by
    cutting out large circles to represent the Olympic logo. Create
    large medals out of gold and silver poster board. Hang world maps
    and flags from different countries.

On the Go-Go

Don’t forget to stretch before this event; you wouldn’t want to
pull a muscle!

Opening Ceremony-Play the Olympic theme song
(downloadable at iTunes) while people enter your event. As families
arrive, give each family a felt triangular-shaped flag in one of
the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue, or black. These
flags will help families form teams with other families based on
the same flag colors for the evening. Once families have formed
their color-coordinated teams, allow time for them to come up with
a team name and cheer to chant before each event.
Team Challenges-Families can participate in the
following games to encourage them to work together for a common
goal. Have families travel to these stations in their
color-coordinated teams.

  • Torch Run-One parent must carry all of his or
    her children across the room to the finish line (families will have
    to be creative with this game!). Once a parent reaches the finish
    line, the next parent carries his or her “torch” of children
  • Bob Ski-Each team will need a large cardboard
    box. Have teams line up at one end of the room and push one child
    to the finish line and back in the cardboard box. Then the next
    child goes, until all children have been pushed in the sled. (If
    you live in a climate with snow, consider having real sled
  • Skating-Use sheets of waxed paper to wrap
    around people’s socks so they can easily “skate” across a carpeted
    surface. Consider relay races with these waxed skates around a
    roped-off track.
  • Curling-Lay a large plastic tarp on the floor
    for an icy relay. Each team encourages its team members as they
    relay a block of ice to the end of the tarp and back again, using a
    broom to move the ice block.
  • Athletes Village-Invite your missions
    department to host this area. Families stop here to write notes of
    encouragement to the missionaries you support overseas and locally.
    Consider setting up stations where families can pack care packages
    for missionaries.
  • Mess Hall-After an evening of fun competition,
    this is where all your athletes eat. Serve appetizer-sized portions
    of foods from local ethnic restaurants, such as spring rolls, pizza
    rolls, meatballs, mini hamburgers and bratwursts, sushi, or
    teriyaki chicken kabobs. Offer after-dinner drinks of hot cocoa and
    marshmallows or hot green tea.


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