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Family Ministry: When You Were my Age

Children's Ministry Magazine

You can have families participate in this activity at home or during a family ministry event.

Start by giving kids time to discuss their favorite things with their parents -- such as TV shows, food, places to visit, people, and books. Ask kids to talk about what scares them and what they'd like to do when they're older. Have kids list or draw their responses on paper.

Then have kids interview their parents about the same things. However, each question for parents begins with, "When you were my age..."

Kids can write or draw their parents' responses next to their own and compare the two. Kids will learn a lot about their parents' lives as children by discussing similarities and differences in responses.

Family Footprints

During your next family ministry event, have families make imprints of their feet to remind them to walk with God. You'll need a large sheet of black plastic, sand, plaster of Paris, water, a mixing bucket, and metal eyelets.

Pour 3 inches of sand onto the black plastic. Mix enough water into the sand so it'll hold a mold. Mix the plaster of Paris and water in the bucket according to the directions.

Have each family member press one foot 2 inches into the sand. Little children may need adult help. Carefully pour plaster into each footprint. Then insert one metal eyelet in each print to hang it later. Clean out the eyelet opening if necessary. The plaster takes 30 minutes to harden.

While prints are drying, read aloud Joshua 22:5: "Love the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to obey his commands, to hold fast to him, and to serve him with all your heart and all your soul."

Have families discuss what it means to walk with God. Ask, "What ways do you rely on your family? What ways do you rely on God? How are these ways similar or different?"

Once the plaster has hardened, gently dig out the footprints and brush off the excess sand. The footprints should dry overnight before being hung on the wall.

-Kathleen Dowdy
Edinburg, Virginia



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